The iPhone 6 is the brand new model of 2014 by Apple. Apple has announced this 4.7-inch device in September, 14 with new design and upgraded features, including Apple Pay. The Apple 6 is larger, but dramatically thinner with a smooth metal surface and HD display. People like this modern device for its many improved features. Here is a short overview of the features that why people are being attracted more on this mobile device.

Popular Features of iPhone 6

If you are planning to buy an iPhone, then it is obvious for you to search the best features of iPhone 6. Well, just read through the features of iPhone 6. After get one, you can also use Cydia to use thousands of apps, tweaks, themes for free. Have a look at the features first!



The design of iPhone 6 is sexy and pretty. The boxy design with rounded edges makes this device more beautiful than the previous iPad Mini and iPad Air. Its 6.9mm thickness makes it pocket friendly.


The iPhone 6 embedded new generation of display named Retina HD. It can provide 38-percent more pixel in 4.7-inch screen. So, iPhone users will experience more beautiful picture and video than previous.

Battery Life

The excellent iPhone 6 offers improved battery life. Since, it is larger than the normal mobile devices, it can serve longer battery life than other device.  The 1,180 mAh battery lasts 14 hours in case of 3G video call. In case of HD video playback it can serve more than 11 hours.

Camera and Video

The iSight camera of iPhone 6 includes a new sensor with Focus Pixels. You can both take quality pictures and video, like 1080p HD.


Apple thinks about your shopping and secure payment. The iPhone 6 combines Apple Pay to complete transactions safely using the touch ID and the Passbook.

Biggest iOS

Apple offers you to experience the biggest operating system with iPhone. iOS 8 is the most latest and advanced mobile operating system that will enable you to get 50 percent more efficient and 25 percent more faster service.

There are also many other improved features of iPhone 6 that makes it a most desirable device to the people. If you want to manage your world using your hand, you can try with this excellent device.

Design wise, these phones closely resemble iPod as well as iPad touch than the iPhone 5s. The common things about the model is that Both models have very soft and also rounded corners. It also comes with a curved glass screen. This screen melds smoothly into its thin metal body of this device. This device also comes with a volume buttons that is available on the left side of this device. It is a pill-shaped. The power button is also located just on the right side of this awesome device for easier use.



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