Apple's New Big-Screen iPhones Draw Long Lines As Sales Start

When buying technology, most of the users think that they will be replacing their technology within a couple of years. But most of them never think that they may face problems any time. It is important to know the signs of faults, so you will be able to avoid possible risks.  Following is a list of some common issues that you can easily cover by Warranty.

List of Common iPhone Faults

Let’s have a look at the common gripes people seem to have. These problems are not universal problem, but of the time people face these kinds of problem all over the world.


Broken Power Button: It is not unprecedented to have the power button get to be sticky over the long haul. It might then stick down, fundamentally making it difficult to turn your gadget on or even off, or restart it. This can clearly be awkward. On the off chance that your gadget’s power button is broken, you ought to get it supplanted. Sometimes power button stops working just after six months, in that case you can also change your power button from Apple store as you can easily cover this fault by warranty.


Home Button Problem- The Home button of your iPhone is a vital piece of the iPhone, and it can glitch over the long haul, for example, not reacting when it is pressed. Be that as it may, If the screen is very slow to react when the home button is pressed, this imaginable isn’t a fittings issue, so Apple may not supplant the gadget unless the button is physically broken. In that case you can go to Apple store and ask for changing or even repairing your device. You may get the chance to repair your device if it has warranty.


Light spillage: Some clients have reported that light seems to “hole” from the gadget’s energy port in faint rooms. This should not happen, and Apple ought to supplant or fix the gadget in the event that it is still under guarantee.


Rattling: There have also been reports of a few iPhones rattling when gently shaken. This is likely on the grounds that the battery hasn’t been joined legitimately. Expecting you haven’t dropped the gadget, obviously, on the off chance that you bring it into an Apple store, the organization ought to supplant the gadget.


Unresponsive Screen: This one is one of the most common faults of iPhone. The touchscreen is the most imperative part of the gadget, and if this quits working it is a genuinely enormous issue. There are various reasons with reference to why this could happen, so reaching Apple quickly may reveal some insight into why your telephone isn’t working appropriately.

Bottom Line: Most of the time repairers will wipe the gadget to guarantee its not a fittings issue. This implies that the greater part of your introduced applications, data, and records, and also pictures and music, and so forth will be eradicated. Before you send your telephone away to be altered, you ought to go down what you can, either through iCloud, or by exchanging what you need to spare off of your gadget utilizing iTunes.