Sunrise Computer Services offers
incredible special effects
for your new or existing web site!


Add attention-grabbers or just plain fun elements to your web site.  You can have special text effects, exciting menu formats, fun cursors and even floating graphics over your pages such as snowflakes falling for a winter special.  One of the examples is at the top of this page where you saw the text "sail" onto the page when it was loaded.  If you missed it, reload the page and watch.  There is another effect on this page also.  Notice the background image of the house and that when you scroll down the page, the image stays in place.  This works especially well where an image would not tile well.  There is another on the main page of this web site; it is the link you clicked on to get to this page and is the Rainbow Text Effect.

Click on the links below to see other demos of various extras you can add to your web site to cause people to visit often and tell other about it!

Text Effects
Graphic Effects
Rainbow Text (main page of this site)
Stationary background image on this page
Dropping Text (top of this page)
Preloaded Slide Show
Typing Text
Up/Down Slide Show
Lower Right Corner Flying Text
Conveyer Belt Slide Show
Flying Letters
Scrolling Box
Pop-up Text associated with Links

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