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Sunrise Computer Services, is a full service World Wide Web (WWW) authoring firm, working to establish our clients on-line presence on the Internet in the form of WWW pages. We have a proven track record in designing and implementing sites which attract thousands of Internet users on a daily basis.

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March 1996
Sunrise Computer Services was established in the summer of 1995.  We do not have other jobs and we operate our company only as a serious fulltime business. John Dublirer brings to the company many years of marketing experience and can help you put together an internet advertising package for your company/organization.  He also has many creative talents, having designed original computer art work.  Anna Sue Edwards is responsible for all web site design, including graphics design and preparation.   When the company was started, she had almost 13 years experience in programming and related fields.
If you are interested in seeing a more personal side of either John or Anna Sue, you can visit their web sites.

John Paul Dublirer's Web Site
Anna Sue Edwards' Web Site

Site Development
From concept to completion, complete web page authoring, design and site development, including: text, graphics, sound, forms, scripting and bilingual.  We are experts in developing catalog-style web sites.
Internet Commerce Services
On-line order capture and processing; web page data entry forms can be used for customer surveys, order processing,and on-line customer transactions, Secure Server - instantly, globally, and privately!
Programming Services
In-house staff with expertise in CGI back-end programming, animation, and Javascript.
Design services
Don't let uninspired, slow-loading graphics ruin your hit rate. We deliver Custom web site identity graphics that command attention.  From navigational icons and distinctive logo designs, to home page makeovers, we can give your web site a tantalizing look using explosive visuals that load fast!
Outstanding Page Registration
Sunrise Computer Services are experts at page registration.  Every site is submitted to hundreds of search engines at no additional charge to you.  We also enter internal coding which makes it more likely your site will appear at, or near, the top of search engine lists.  At any point in time, you may request to see a history of our registration efforts for your site.

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